Grouse Shooting at Atholl Estates

Grouse shooting at Atholl Estates provides challenging, yet immensely rewarding, sport set in some of Scotland's most scenic countryside.

The Atholl grouse moors provide a good habitat for red grouse. All our grouse shooting is allocated to lodge parties as part of a mixed sporting week. Due to the type of ground and terrain, shooting on our grouse moors is walked up, with a normal yield of about 10 brace per day. The grouse shooting season starts on 12th August and we finish by the middle of September.

The shooting line normally includes between five and eight guns, together with at least one keeper with trained dogs. Guests are welcome to bring their own dogs, assuming they are reliable and trained to the gun.

After the morning’s shooting, lunch is taken on the moor. A ghillie with a pony carrying food and drink will be despatched from the lodge to meet the grouse shooting party at an agreed location on the moors. The pony will then be loaded with the morning’s bag, and the party will carry on for the afternoon, returning to the lodge later for a well-deserved rest and a welcome meal.

There are few experiences that offer the camaraderie, setting and sport of walked-up grouse shooting, and our keepers have a well-earned reputation for making the day memorable for all levels of ability.

Grouse Shooting on the Atholl Moors

Not many locations in Scotland offer such rewarding grouse shooting as the Atholl grouse moors. The unique character of the landscape, coupled with the long experience of our keepers, helps to ensure that grouse shooting on the Atholl moors gives you a true taste of the very best in Scottish country sports.

As well as the excellent grouse shooting opportunities afforded by our moors, Atholl Estates provides a host of other outdoor sporting activities. Scottish fishing is another of our specialities, with salmon fishing and hill loch fishing available, and our careful management of the estate means that we can also offer our guests some of the finest deer stalking in Scotland.

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