Sporting Lets

Most of our sport is let with accommodation on the estate, either at the historic sporting lodges or at the woodland lodges, depending on the time of year and the size of your party.

Our main letting period is between August and October when grouse, salmon and stags are all in season and we can produce a package of sport that provides the party with six days out on the hill and on the river.

From late October to mid February the sport moves to hind stalking and rough shooting. During this period, parties normally book a part week but seven day lets are also possible.

During the conventionally quiet period for country sports between March and July we can still keep the avid guest occupied. The salmon season opens again, our hill lochs provide some exciting wild brown trout fishing, the fallow buck season extends to the end of April followed by the roe buck season which opens at the beginning of April.

Our sporting packages are created specifically for each party’s interest and aspirations and then on arrival, the host keeper will continue to ensure that what is being arranged suits their circumstances and that of the weather. Our basic objective is to ensure our guests have the best experience that our estate can provide.

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